Realism in your dishes

The user can dive into your dishes

The hostelry industry does not want to be left behind in the technological advancement is happening in recent years and wants to offer diners and a complete user experience, integrating new technologies into the world of gastronomy.

FOODPIX-ipad-APP-300x196 - Realism in your dishes

The generation of the restaurant menu in a augmented reality  environment is a differential proposal with other restaurants that have their cards in physical format.

This differential proposal shows the diner more realistically what you will eat and relevant information about it; people have certain intolerances or allergies, can eat with confidence and tranquility.

the user can dive into the plate,
see ingredients …


In short, using augmented reality in the letter, the diner generated increased confidence in the restaurant and a new experience as it will realistically dish before eating.


And the first thing is that what we eat is … with eyes.

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