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FoodPix gives you the opportunity to make presentations of your products in the most innovative and interactive way.

FOODPIX-07b - Uses and benefits

Easy to use

  • In Foodpix we want to offer simple experiences to turn intentions into actions.
  • Improve Display and information of the dishes
  • Facilitate the work Bartender team
    thanks to the link with TPVs
  • Provide visual info to foreign or unfamiliar people of establishment dishes
  • Differentiation in the sector

FOODPIX-06b - Uses and benefits

Custom design

Personalized with your image EASILY, QUICKLY and ECONOMIC WAY.

  • Display descriptions of the dishes
  • Display calorie intake and allergens
  • Add to Favorites
  • Share Social Networks
  • Include animations

FOODPIX-05 - Uses and benefits


Fully configurable and the possibility unique features for your products.

  • Ask from home
  • Include comments
  • Social Media, contests and promotions
  • Advertising in your Augmented Reality letter
  • See the card in other Languages
  • More features in developing…


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