Como usar foodpix

Aprende como usar Foodpix, es muy sencillo e intutivo: 1.Instala la app 2.Escanea el logo del local 3.Descubre todos sus platos y funciones especiales


FOODPIX-LOGO - Como usar foodpix

1.  Install the app

  • Download the Foodpix app for Android or Ios

  • Install the app in your device

FOODPIX-07 - Como usar foodpix

2. Scan the logo from the restaurant 

Choose a restaurant and scan his logo

  • Locate the logo of your restaurant in our Foodpix Listing 
  • Open the app (the scan will appear)
  • Scan the logo from the restaurant
  • Wait until the menu info it´s downloaded (it depends of your conexion)

app1 - Como usar foodpix

Visualize the menu in augmented reality

Discover all the dishes and  and exclusive functions for some restaurants.

  • Visualize the menu in Augmented Reality
  • Visualize  the captions of the menu
  • Visualize the calories and alergens
  • Take pictures of the dishes in augmented reality
  • Make deliverys  from home
  • Include comments
  • Participe inpromotions  and contest
  • Visualize the menu in other languages
  • Add favourites,share in Social Media…

Discover exclusive and functions in develope for some restaurants…

Enjoy Foodpix!

FoodPix offers you the possibility of visualize the virtual menu of your favourite restaurant in the most innovative and interactive way.

Discover all the uses and benefits for your business or restaurant

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